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When it comes to getting married, many people think that they can take on the planning themselves with no problem. We invite you to think again. There are several reasons why we believe that trying to plan your own wedding is like putting a huge albatross around your neck. Keep in mind that there are so many details, large and small, involved in pulling off a successful wedding. And while there may be one or two enjoyable aspects of a wedding, most wedding tasks are not fun in any way, shape or form. Are you prepared to research transportation, review vendor contracts, make seating charts and all kind of other boring stuff? Why not leave all of these details to someone who knows the ropes. We are going to be bluntly honest, wedding planning can be quite stressful and exhausting. Do you want you and your fiance to be rested and relaxed leading up to your wedding date or do you want to be at each others throats. One thing we haven't mentioned yet is all of the research that it takes to check out potential vendors. This takes up so much of your time as well that you will find yourself at a loss to get anything else done. Overall, it is just a headache that you do not want to take on believe us. Your best plan is to hire a professional wedding planner. They will be by your side every step of the way and let's face it, they know the business better than anyone. They know what to look for, where to look for it and how to get it at the best possible price. Not to mention that you won't have all of that stress on you leading up to your big day. You and your fiance will be able to relax and enjoy every moment as it was intended. So, now that you know what a great idea it is to hire your own wedding planner, here is a guide that will lead you to candidates in the Los Angeles area that you should check out. It will also help you to identify the best wedding planner for you.

So, it makes sense that before you hire a wedding planner, you need a few quality candidates to evaluate first. There are a couple of ways to find those quality candidates. Number one, tap into the power of the world wide web. Do a Google search for “wedding planners in the Los Angeles area.” There will be many pages of potential vendors for you to check out, in fact, too many for you to possibly get through. So, your best bet is to pick a number that you feel comfortable with in terms of being able to get through them and not kill yourself. So, pick a number like 30 and try and evaluate that many planners by clicking on each link and perusing each website. If you like what is said about the planners background and experience, jot down their name and contact information. It is also a great idea to start talking to your family, friends and coworkers to see if anyone you know has any experience working with a planner. If you get rave reviews from someone, obviously add the planner's name to your list. Start calling up each name on your list and ask for a time to have a face to face interview.

We think it is best if you start the conversation by talking about your budget that you have set. This is very important because they need to know what they will have to work with. Find out what they think they can do considering your budget number. Ask how the planner gets paid. What kind of services will they provide? Will they do both design and coordination? How many weddings have they planned? How long have they been a wedding planner? How many weddings will they be working on at the same time as yours? How much communication will there need to be? How will you communicate? Will you have to use the planner's preferred vendors? This may get you a discount but we realize you also want quality. So get some of the names of the people they work with and do your own research. What do they handle and what will they not handle? Do you like their personality? This is very important because you are going to be working very closely with this person for the next few months and you want the process to be as enjoyable as possible. Sit back when you have finished all of your interviews and do a side by side comparison. When one of the candidates emerges as your favorite, ask for a contract. Go over it in detail to make sure you are happy with the contents. Once you are, it is time to sign on the dotted line.