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What would a wedding be without an amazingly designed wedding cake? In the Los Angeles area, the land of outstanding creativity and phenomenal designers, there is no shortage of incredible confectioners to pick from. Your goal should be to find someone who can satisfy both your style preferences and your tastes. So, you are wondering, how in the world do I find such a designer and baker? Your searched online and found a long list of wedding cake designers in the Los Angeles area, but you need to pick one and it seems like that will be like picking a needle in a haystack. We assure you that it can be done. Yes, you are going to have to be very methodical about the search and it won't necessarily happen overnight, but if you take this guide with you as you meet with potential cake designers, you will find yourself on the yellow brick road to a professional cake designer that will provide for you the perfect compliment to the rest of your wedding look.

Start your search at least six months before your wedding date. You need a few candidates to consider and then compare. Ask anyone you know or come into contact with if they have any recommendations. There are some really good websites that will allow you to narrow your search by area and type of vendor. For there, you will want to peruse individual baker's websites. They should have a portfolio of past cakes they have designed and baked. If you like what you see set up a face to face interview. Background and experience are two areas that you do not want to skip over. You want to make sure they have been around the block a time or two and that they realize what needs to be done. Ask to taste some samples. You should be blown away by something you taste.

Don't be afraid of being trendy. If you have your heart set on the traditional cake, then by all means make sure that is what you get. We just wanted you to know that there are options available now that were not there years ago including various colors, different shapes, and even covering cakes in different material like crystal or pearls or diamonds. Talk to each candidate that you interview about what kinds of out of the box thinking they can do for you. Also, what kind of additional items can they possibly help you with. Will they provide a cake table and serving knife for instance?

Out of all of the cake makers you meet with, you should take a liking to one in particular and especially if they fit into your price. Don't proceed forward without asking for a written contract. Make sure that the contract covers every detail that you discussed with your cake maker of choice. When you are satisfied, sign the contract and start designing your cake. This should be exciting for you, make sure that you love each moment as much as possible. Bring in images of cakes that you really like. Of course, you will want to coordinate everything with the color scheme of your wedding. Call your baker before your wedding to go over everything one last time. It is better to be safe than sorry.

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